Unhappy with your KYC/AML
provider? Fix that right away,
cost and hassle-free

Don’t lose clients just because your KYC/AML provider fails to deliver high pass rates globally. Switch to Sumsub in just two weeks and scale your business in any country, regardless of the documents or languages.

Unhappy with your KYC/AML provider? Fix that right away, cost and hassle-free

Boost pass rates by 20+% tomorrow
with our simple step-by-step process

Our zero-friction migration procedure is handled entirely by our solution architects.
We know what we’re doing—this isn’t our first rodeo.

  • Step 1

    Try verifying documents

    Upload up to 100 documents and see how quickly Sumsub processes IDs from all over the world. No integration necessary.

  • Step 2

    Run a test integration

    Integrate Sumsub with your business right away to experience our user interface, KYC/KYB verification flows, AML screening first-hand

  • Step 3

    Perform A/B testing

    Compare Sumsub with your current provider in real-time across your existing segments and regions. Let real numbers do the talking.

  • Step 4

    Сomplete the integration

    It takes less than two weeks to perform a full integration with Sumsub. Our solution architects ensure a pain-free migration of your business that meets your particular requirements.

Migrate today—we’ll cover the costs for you

Seize the moment and sign up with Sumsub within two months to get the following perks

  • Cost-free migration of your business to Sumsub and partial coverage of your existing deposit
  • Your personal customer success manager free of charge
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See how Paybis reached 85% pass rates in 180+ countries after switching to Sumsub

See how Sumsub helped Paybis tackle compliance and verification challenges, boost pass rates, and onboard new users in two and a half minutes worldwide. This includes emerging countries and markets.


Now, the whole verification process takes about 2.5 minutes for a single Paybis user. The first check approval rate is around 80%, and the final conversion rate is above 85% on average across 180+ countries.

Andrei Ialama

Andrei Ialama

COO at Paybis

The KYC provider we used previously did not offer all of the features that we needed, so we had to use a combination of different solutions, which kept us from launching new products. We decided to switch to a single solution that meets our requirements and makes the entire KYC and AML compliance process more effective.

KYC, KYB & AML platform built for going global

Integrate Sumsub the way you need

  • Web and Mobile SDK

    Get a jump-start with our Web and Mobile SDKs and start verifying users within an hour.

    The Web SDK contains a ready-made widget you can add to your service or product, along with the verification flow builder, design customization, liveness, and a KYC, KYB & AML feature set.

    The Mobile SDK mirrors the features of our Web SDK and integrates with iOS, Android, and native plugins.

  • Unilink

    Skip the integration process altogether and generate a verification link or QR code, which you can add right to your website. Your customers can pass verification immediately by simply clicking the link.

  • API

    When it comes to complex infrastructures, our solution architects are here to help embed Sumsub’s functionality into your product based on any particular requirements you might have


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