KYC/KYB questionnaire automated solution

Know your clients in detail with KYC/KYB questionnaires

Assess customer risks more easily by requesting extra data and documents through Sumsub’s customer questionnaires

Collect extra information with less
time and effort

Get rid of back-and-forth emails with straightforward questionnaires built right into your verification process. Ask for more details from individual and business clients, calculate risk scores and request supporting documents (e.g. source of funds) that need to be checked on your end—all in one place.

Build the questionnaires you need

Create custom questionnaires using a no-code constructor. Customize each step by choosing your desired question and answer types, with the option to build multi-page questionnaires if needed.

Build the questionnaires you need

Calculate risk scores to make easier decisions

Assign risk scores to each of your answer options and automatically calculate the applicant’s overall risk level once they finish the questionnaire.

Calculate risk scores to make easier decisions

Prevent drop-offs with approachable Q&A forms

No more boring paperwork. Ask the right questions at the right time with straightforward questionnaires that are no hassle for your clients.

Prevent drop-offs with approachable Q&A forms

Get easy access to results

All responses, uploaded documents and risk scores are safely stored and available in the dashboard at any time.

Get easy access to results

Integrate in less than 1 hour

Integrate fast via our Web and Mobile SDK or proceed without integration, using a simply generated single link or QR code


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Amram Adar
Amram Adar

Co-Founder and CEO at Oobit

We love the fact that Sumsub provides the user with either a verified acceptance or rejection immediately. This saves users’ valuable time and makes the onboarding experience far more convenient and user friendly.


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