Sumsub Now Supports 14K+ ID Document Types from 220+ Countries and Territories

Global full-cycle verification provider, Sumsub, has more than doubled its document processing capability and provides the fastest Proof of Address checks

Today Sumsub announced it now supports 14K+ identity document types from all over the world, more than doubling its previous ability (6.5K).

Unlike many of its competitors, Sumsub is able to process documents with handwritten texts as well as rare languages and scripts like Sinhalese (used in Sri Lanka). Sumsub can also process documents in dozens of different formats (depending on year of issue, region, etc.), such as the Indian Aadhaar (national ID card), Israeli, or Finnish ID cards. As for the U.S., along with often used forms such as driver’s licenses and passports, the recent addition to Sumsub’s supported documents database is Certificate of Naturalization.

Digital verification platforms should be capable of handling a wide range of document formats and scripts. Otherwise, they risk excluding certain users and groups from online services, prompting Sumsub’s investment in expanding its supported document database.

In addition to handling 14K+ types of identity documents, Sumsub is a proven leader in Proof of Address (PoA) checks, which are essential in crypto, trading, gambling, and other prominent digital industries. The platform’s PoA verification feature is consistently enhanced, and now has the ability to process over 140K PoA documents per day.

The challenge with PoA is the multiple document types that can verify residence in just one country – from tax or utility bills to lease agreements and credit card statements. So, global address verification implies the solution’s ability to process thousands of PoA subtypes together with document integrity detection and strong anti-fraud checks. Among competition, Sumsub offers maximum coverage for PoA documents along with best-in-class average PoA verification time (59 seconds). In addition, the platform provides options for instant geo-based verification and address checks via global government databases.

“Sumsub’s platform has processed over 200 million documents since the company was founded, so we are quite familiar with all document types in any part of the world,” comments Vyacheslav Zholudev, co-founder and CTO at Sumsub. “The more types of ID cards, passports, residence proof, and other documents we are able to verify, the higher the pass rates our global clients reach. Our key priorities are user satisfaction, bulletproof fraud protection, and compliance with local AML/KYC regulations.”

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  • July 20, 2023
  • Product

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