Sumsub Launches ‘The Sumsuber’ to Share Industry News and Expertise

Global full-cycle verification provider, Sumsub, launches its own expert news platform and a monthly compliance digest

Sumsub announces the launch of its expert news site, called The Sumsuber. This platform focuses on four main topics: verification, anti-fraud measures, regulatory compliance, and product updates. The diverse range of content provides valuable insights to compliance experts, risk managers, product and AI technology professionals.

The Sumsuber aims to bring together in-house expertise and top industry minds, fostering collaboration with independent consultants, representatives from industry and compliance associations, as well as partners and clients across sectors of regulatory compliance, fintech, crypto, gambling, trading, and banking. The expert platform is intended to be a pivotal element in the evolution of the Sumsub Multiverse community, uniting forward-thinking compliance and anti-fraud experts to drive innovative solutions for a people-friendly digital future.

The Sumsuber will convey complex topics in a comprehensive and easily understandable way. Unlike a typical news portal, it serves as a platform where professionals discuss and thoroughly examine the regulatory shifts and business updates in the expansive digital verification realm. The materials include expert articles, interviews, guides, and webinars, as well as a monthly industry news digest on LinkedIn compiled by the company’s dedicated team of compliance experts. The digest highlights selected news and commentary for those particularly interested in regulatory matters related to online businesses.

“We realized the market lacked a modern site dedicated to compliance and verification, one presenting complex topics in an edutainment format. We took a similar approach with the recent deepfakes game For Fake Sake launched last month, and we plan to continue releasing other content in readers-friendly formats, like video or games. Along with The Sumsuber and the monthly digest, we are launching several methods to further interact with our readers on social media. For instance, we encourage them to share questions on pressing topics via a new series, “Ask Sumsubers,” for our compliance and cybersecurity experts to answer,” explains Julia Kim, CMO at Sumsub.

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  • August 10, 2023
  • Product

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