Sumsub launches new program to boost partner business growth

The all-in-one verification platform has launched a new global program with options for Referral, Ecosystem and Technology partnerships.

London, September 27, 2022 — Sumsub, a global tech company fighting digital fraud and helping businesses stay fully compliant, today announced a new partnership program. It will allow Sumsub’s partners to engage in one of the three partnership options—Referral, Ecosystem, or Technology—depending on which suits their business needs and growth strategy best.

The Referral partnership is best for consulting firms and independent advisors who’d like to promote Sumsub’s products. The Ecosystem and Technology partnerships, meanwhile, are perfect for SaaS/PaaS companies, cloud banking, crypto and blockchain infrastructure providers, as well as gambling whitelable platforms and CRMs. They also allow businesses to add or embed Sumsub products into their solution, get legal and compliance advice from Sumsub’s in-house experts and engage in joint marketing activities. No investments are required, as both the Ecosystem and Technology partnerships can be based on a pay-as-you-go model.

Over 100 global companies have already acquired scores of  new customers, expanded their business internationally and developed fresh revenue streams by partnering with Sumsub. The latest additions to Sumsub’s partnership program will bring even greater benefits, not least because they were designed in collaboration with existing partners.

Partnering with Sumsub is super fast, with the entire integration process taking just one week. And just like Sumsub’s identity verification solution, the new partnership program can be tailored to the specific needs of each partner.

“Our new partnership options offer our partners flexible opportunities to upgrade their product and attract more customers with Sumsub’s all-in-one KYC/AML solution and its many useful features. We are happy to develop mutually-fulfilling partnerships with outstanding companies such as Seracle, Authologic, Mercuryo, ChainUp and Crassula, as well as welcome more companies into our partner network”,

says Denis Urazbakhtin, Sumsub’s Head of Partnerships.

For more information on how to become Sumsub’s partner, please follow this link: 

  • September 27, 2022
  • Corporate

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