Ibanly Taps Sumsub for Enhanced Identity Verification, Fraud Prevention and Compliance

Ibanly teams up with Sumsub, full-cycle verification provider, to streamline user onboarding and stay fully compliant with AML regulations.

Today Sumsub is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Ibanly, a fintech company specialising in cross border payments.

Ibanly has chosen Sumsub for identity verification, AML screening, KYC and KYB checks because of the highest quality standards both companies adhere to. This collaboration will allow Ibanly to enhance user onboarding process while ensuring AML compliance with regulatory requirements.

Currently Ibanly is servicing over 100 corporate clients, and is rapidly expanding pursuing further licences in Hong Kong and Europe to expand its footprint in the financial services industry. Through Sumsub’s AI powered verification technology, Ibanly remains at the forefront of fintech innovation fueling growth and maintaining a high customer acquisition rate.

“We are excited by the potential of our partnership with Sumsub, a global leader in the regtech industry, to deliver clients with the utmost professional onboarding user experience. Moreover, this partnership enables peace of mind, understanding that our platform and onboarding is fully compliant with the dynamic regulatory environment, and that our platform is protected from fraudulent transactions. By implementing Proof of Address verification, Liveness and Deepfake detector technology our company is ready for further international expansion”, says Pavel Mihhalevski, Executive Director at Ibanly.

“We are deeply grateful for our collaboration with Ibanly, a rapidly growing e-payments provider,” adds Peter Sever, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Sumsub. “At Sumsub, our mission is to offer cutting-edge verification solutions, and we are proud to support Ibanly in their commitment to creating a secure and seamless experience for their global clients.”

About Ibanly

Ibanly is a Financial services company providing cross-border payment rails to its corporate clients. With a proven track record of success, Ibanly helps over 100 businesses streamline their transactional banking processes.

  • March 14, 2024
  • Corporate

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