AAZZUR Partners with Sumsub Enhancing Its Embedded Finance Ecosystem

Today Sumsub and AAZZUR, innovative embedded finance integrator, are proud to announce their strategic partnership.

The partnership enables businesses to expand like never before, across business cases, new user audiences and geographies, leveraging AAZZUR’s extensive, modular orchestration layer and front end, while ensuring full security and compliance through Sumsub’s state of the art platform.

AAZZUR will add Sumsub’s Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB) and Transaction Monitoring solutions into its embedded fintech ecosystem, empowering clients and partners to access and offer seamless user and business verification processes, as well as ongoing anti-fraud monitoring. Sumsub will benefit from AAZZUR’s easy to use modular embeddable integration to offer its platform’s functionality and deliver additional value to global fintech customers.

Overall, this partnership will provide AAZZUR’s clients a streamlined, secure user onboarding process and efficient transaction monitoring, while ensuring full compliance with AML regulations.

“We are very excited to partner with Sumsub and bring them into our smart finance ecosystem. By combining our expertise in fintech orchestration with Sumsub’s full-cycle verification platform’s capabilities, we are ready to offer our clients the best solution and user experience in onboarding, verification processes and compliance requirements.” comments Philipp Buschmann, CEO at AAZZUR

“We are pleased to announce the strategic technology partnership with AAZZUR,” adds Andrew Sever, co-founder and CEO of Sumsub. “Sumsub offers seamless integration within its platform, providing clients and their customers with effective identity verification, business checks and transaction monitoring while ensuring the highest level of compliance and fraud protection. Partnering with AAZZUR speaks volumes to us since the fintech industry remains among the core focus of our market expansion. We are committed to providing clients and their users with smooth onboarding experiences and continued fraud-prevention capabilities.”


AAZZUR provides embedded finance orchestration of smart tech, banking, lending, wealth, ecommerce and more.

For enterprises, financial-services companies and startup-ventures that want to launch or digitize embedded financial services, AAZZUR’s API platform and smart front-end solutions get the job done.

AAZZUR provides a Fintech Platform-as-a-Service that accelerates time to market and revenue and minimizes investment in technology. With AAZZUR clients can be “all connected” to the world of fintech with one integration!

AAZZUR is the fastest and most reliable and cost-effective way to embed financial services; 10x cheaper and 4x faster than “doing-it-yourself”. And with partner, in-house and AAZZUR’s plug and play deployment models, there is a solution for every type of business.

  • February 20, 2024
  • Corporate

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