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  • InsetRadius

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    • Email Risk Assessment
    • Phone Risk Assessment
    • Device Intelligence
  • User verification

    • ID Verification
    • Liveness and Face match
    • NFC
    • Public Digital Identity Systems
    • Blocklist Check
    • Live Agent Video Call
    • Known Face Search
    • Duplicate Check
    • Doc-Free Verification
    • Address Verification
    • QES/eIDAS
  • AML screening

    • PEP + Sanctions
    • Adverse Media
  • Login

    • Device Intelligence
    • Behavioral Fraud Detection
    • Face Authentication
    • MFA
  • Fraud monitoring

    • Device Intelligence
    • Behavioral Fraud Detection
    • Face Authentication
    • Ongoing AML Monitoring
  • Transactions

    • AML Transaction Monitoring
    • Bank Account Verification
    • Travel Rule
    • Fraud Transaction Monitoring
    • Behavioral Fraud Detection

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  • One solution for the entire lifecycle

    Elevate verification beyond onboarding. Secure every user step — from initial screening to transactions —with advanced fraud prevention.

  • One case management

    Simplify teamwork. Enjoy no-code verification logic, dynamic risk scoring, simplified decision-making, analytics, and reporting — all in one place.

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  • What is online identity verification?

    It’s an act of confirming a person’s true identity by verifying their documents and true presence. It’s possible to perform online identity verification with a number of documents, namely: personal IDs, passports, driving licenses, and a number of others documents. Applicable documents can vary depending on the jurisdiction and country.

  • What is identity verification solution?

    ID verification is one of the best ways to verify identity. With an identity verification solution, it’s possible to carry out cross-checks via government databases (if available) and liveness verification coupled with ID verification in order to get the most reliable verification accuracy.

  • How much does identity verification cost?

    An identity verification provider’s costs depend on a particular solution and the complexity of the check required. It can be as little as $0.05 per verification and up to custom pricing set out based on multi-level checks of various entities.

  • How do ID verification services work?

    Identity verification software matches provided data (such as document scans) with available databases, performs forgery checks and watchlist screening, and initiates other verification steps required by a given jurisdiction.

  • What is the best identity verification service?

    Since jurisdictions are constantly updated due to ongoing measures to prevent crime and some businesses require more than just ID verification, the best approach is to opt for an all-in-one identity verification provider. Sumsub offers its customers a unified flow to verify users, businesses, and transactions, along with monitoring and reporting tools.