Prevent arbitrage betting with Sumsub

Prevent losses from arbitrage betting on your gambling or betting platform by keeping multi-accounting out, forever

Keep your profits high

Arbitrage betting and other forms of fraud can significantly harm your profits if left unchecked. Stay on the safe side with quick user authentication that keeps bad actors away from your business.

Combat multi-accounting

Determine if ‘new’ users already have an account on your platform to ward off arbers, bots, and fraudsters who seek to cheat the system

Combat multi-accounting

Monitor suspicious events

Perform quick checks to authenticate every important step of the customer journey: large stakes, balance withdrawal, logging in, and others

Monitor suspicious events

Onboard users effortlessly

Sumsub recognizes any nationality and works with all smartphones and webcams. Beards, glasses, makeup, and slow internet are no problem either.

  • Works with a slow internet connection
  • Compatible with all modern smart devices and web cameras
  • Trained to work with faces from all over the world
  • Recognizes people with glasses, beards and makeup

Run a test check! It’s super simple.

The authentication check takes less than 4 seconds to complete. Give it a go and see how easy it is to protect your online gambling or betting platform from arbers and fraudsters.

Top of the line security

Strong encryption, regular vulnerability assessments, and a successful iBeta test completion (ISO/IEC 30107-3) are the foundation of Sumsub’s security. Stay safe from the most innovative cyberattacks, such as replays, reverse engineering, and others.

Top of the line security
Protect your business from all sidesProtect your business from all sides

Protect your business from all sides

Fraud comes in many flavors besides multi-accounting. Stay on the safe side with a variety of security checks that keep troublesome users away from your business.

Screen for money laundering

Check if your users are present on global watchlists for PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media upon registration and perform ongoing AML monitoring after

Prevent payment fraud

Stop payments made with stolen cards by confirming that your customers own the bank cards they make the bets with

Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API.
Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.9% uptime.


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Dejan Davidovic
Dejan Davidovic

CBDO at Kriptomat

Now we have a reliable partner we work and collaborate with. Because we are a licensed service, compliance and self-regulation are very important to protect both our users and our business. With Sumsub, we are able to accomplish that.

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