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Accelerate your growth with a better, faster, and more holistic identity verification approach.

Every identity verification service promises you automation, but why stop there? With Sumsub, you can do anything you want, from a real time verification and tools to set up every onboarding process you envision, to a powerful control system for managing your verification team. That is why all of your colleagues will love compliance.
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page


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Key features

Onboard users with the highest possible conversion rates with our ready-made Web and Mobile SDKs, which you can use to manage everything:

  • steps, design and text customization;
  • hints for users that help them to pass the first time;
  • tools for switching to another device;
  • an automatically changing status screen (and more).
Get everything your business needs from automation:

  • flexible data extraction from documents;
  • the ability to set verification rules;
  • different rules for different user groups;
  • triggers for case escalation to a manual decision (and more).
Detect fraudulent patterns and orchestrate your compliance with advanced tools:

  • manual decision making;
  • case management based on statuses, length checking and other filters;
  • in-depth investigation with detailed grounds for the decision made;
  • an additional documents request tool;
  • a questionnaire builder (and more).
Analyze and manage checks in real-time:

  • basic and advanced analytics on the speed of the checks;
  • volume and reasons for the decline;
  • dynamics indicators in the context of different projects, countries, and traffic sources;
  • reports on your team’s performance;
  • restriction of access levels;
  • automatically generated compliance reports for regulators and partners (and more).
Automate your own processes or use our proven pre-built workflows:

  • regulatory policies and guidelines for each verification type, meeting the requirements of the relevant jurisdiction;
  • lists of documents to be accepted for support teams;
  • training and guidelines for compliance teams (and more).
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page

What makes our
Identity Verification service different

Identity Verification Page

Ensure high-performance onboarding for everyone.

No more losing leads at the entry point. Sumsub lets you onboard any user or company frictionless, no matter their nationality or the document language. This leads to an average first time pass rate of 97%—and more users to become paying customers.
We cover over 6,500 document types from 200+ countries. These documents are accepted and checked automatically in many different languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic and hieroglyphic based ones. All of the documents are transliterated into Latin script in accordance with local rules.
Make it easy for your audience to pass onboarding. Offer them interfaces in their own languages, valuable up-front hints and the perfect journey, collecting more information in fewer steps. Automatic document type classification, smooth biometric and liveness checks in addition to fast response times will help you to stand out.
Identity Verification Page

Build tens of different triggered workflows based on your unique needs and rules.

However your due diligence works now—you can use the same logic with Sumsub. If something should be changed, you can edit it in a couple of clicks, no code magic is required. We’re here to help with any of the check types at your service as well as tools like the workflow and verification rules builder. Plus, you’ll be able to change the look and feel of customer interfaces.
Set up workflows for different groups of customers: just choose the required checks, their sequences and define the triggers of each journey.
Custom form design and texts to show your brand at its best. A sleek interface ties it all together.
Decide for yourself what factors indicate risk—how fraud and AML signals should be treated and whether a decision should be made automatically or be sent to your employees for an additional look.
Depending on your goals or your regulator’s requirements, users can use document-based verification with liveness or live interviews via video streaming.

Learn more about Sumsub’s technologies →

Identity Verification Page

Fraud protection that goes beyond verification.

Fraudsters use different tricks at different stages of the customer lifecycle. Don’t let them get away with it. Sumsub protects your revenue and reputation. From the user’s entry point to card payments and transfers, you’ll get a service that is deadly for fraudsters, and friction-free for honest users.
Not all liveness solutions deliver on what they promise. Our in-house online identity authentication technology combines an easy user flow with the strongest protection, to keep you safe against anything from paper masks with eye and mouth cutouts, to video projections on 3D heads, reverse engineering and man-in-the-middle or replay attacks.

Employ hundreds of features and technologies to ensure your safety. Graphic editor detection, feature verification, suspicious pattern monitoring, blocklist and darknet document cross-referencing, plus face matching. These are just a few of the tools that we use.

How can you prevent professional fraud with non-legitimate chargebacks? We know how! With a multi-layered protection system, you can strengthen AML compliance, protect your revenue and become a more reliable partner for your B2B network.
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page

Comply with any law, in any country.

At Sumsub, we offer ready-made compliance solutions for different jurisdictions and tailor them to specific cases, when needed.
Comply with global and local regulations, taking into account sanctions, watchlists, PEP lists and adverse media.
Meet all necessary requirements, from age restrictions to the proof of source of funds check.
Whether you are under greater attention from regulators and partners or are required to fulfill additional measures, we will help you with tasks and ensure your safety.
Make customers love your onboarding without breaking the age restrictions.

All your client info and documents organized within a single profile.

Avoid the risk of data error when conducting manual reviews and simplify future references for the whole team with single profiles for every user. All relevant information like texts taken from a document, as well as changes made to a profile by a user or even changes made by your colleague, is all stored in once place.

How it works

Let your users get started on any device. To get verified, they need only their face and their ID.

When an identity is verified, biometric data is saved and can be reused as an access key at moments of high-risk, such as upon account recovery or at the point of a particularly high-volume transaction.

ID verification

We scan the user’s ID and detect whether it’s genuine or fraudulent. Our technology is able to trace fraud down to the pixel.

Biometric analysis

The user takes a selfie or a short video. We then define if the person presenting the ID is its genuine owner.

AML identity verification and additional fraud checks

We do sanctions, watchlists and PEP screening. Plus, we’ll be able to detect complex fraud patterns, if there are any for verified identity.

You see the check results on the Dashboard

A breakdown of the results, a verified ID, and the profile’s current status is all available from the Dashboard.

… and you can keep track of all the checks using multiple filters

From the check speed to the final decision, you’re always in control of various different filters.

Works where you work

Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page

More ways you can use Sumsub

Identity Verification Page

Chargeback Prevention

Forget about losing money over chargebacks.
Identity Verification Page
Verify any document you need.
Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
Ryan White
CTO, Rivarly
“I tried 4 different providers. By switching to Sumsub we have more confidence. They just adjust their product to my business – that is what I feel.”

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Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page

5 out of 5

Identity Verification Page
Identity Verification Page
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