KYC Guide for the Gaming industry: Europe and UK

Reach the perfect balance between compliance, conversions and fraud protection

What’s in this guide?

  • Use cases for identity verification in gambling
  • Overview of the online gambling regulatory landscape
  • Best practices for KYC verification levels
  • Identity verification checklist

Short summary

COVID-19 caused a surge of players joining gaming apps and platforms. This has caused the industry to grow at an incredible pace, with forecasts indicating growth of €140.05 billion from 2021-2026. 

Fraudsters can take advantage of this growing market as well. With a myriad of fraud schemes out there, such as bonus hunting, multi-accounting, account takeovers, and illegal chargebacks, fraud has become a real menace to both growing and established gaming platforms.

In this guide from Sumsub, you’ll find everything you need to know about building proper KYC processes in Europe and the UK, screening customers for money laundering, and enforcing age verification requirements without slowing down the onboarding process.

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