Complete Guide to Transaction Monitoring

Sumsub and Pismo’s experts cover the essentials of transaction monitoring

If businesses don’t monitor transactions, they run the risk of money laundering, fraud and other crimes occurring on their platforms. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, $8.8 billion was lost to fraud last year, while the United Nations reports that total money laundering losses worldwide mount up to $1.6 trillion annually. 

In this expert guide, Sumsub and Pismo’s experts cover everything you need to know about transaction monitoring. It will help you spot transaction fraud, bolster your defenses, and optimize conversion rates at the same time.

In this guide, you’ll read about:

  • Regulations for AML transaction monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring challenges
  • How transaction monitoring works
  • How to build a transaction monitoring workflow

Bonus included: a checklist on choosing the right transaction monitoring solution. 

Download the guide to stay one step ahead of transaction fraud.

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