Summer in Review: How to React to Game-Changing KYC/AML Updates

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Elizaveta Vasileva

Anastasia Shvechkova

Summer in Review: How to React to Game-Changing KYC/AML Updates

This summer, AML/KYC-related updates are impacting customer identification and onboarding procedures worldwide. Canada has rolled out new PEP screening and record-keeping obligations, France has banned anonymous crypto transactions, and Switzerland now allows chip scanning for biometric identity documents—not to mention several other jurisdictions seeing updated rules and regulations.

So, how will these changes affect your business? What steps should be taken to comply with all the requirements? And how will the regulatory landscape be changing in the near future?

Join our webinar on August 10th to hear from our Deputy Head of Legal, Elizaveta Vasileva, as she goes over these updates in detail. If you happen to have any specific questions, you can submit them beforehand in the form to your right, and we’ll be sure to answer them during the session.

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