The Future of NFTs: In-depth with Pioneers in Blockchain, Forensics, and Compliance

Marina Khaustova, Аnton Toroptsev, Tony Petrov, George Basiladze
44 min
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The Future of NFTs: In-depth with Pioneers in Blockchain, Forensics, and Compliance

NFTs are all the rage right now, with growth reminiscent of Bitcoin a number of years ago. Some are minting NFTs to get rich off of their own artwork, while others predict a bright future for the token that goes far beyond the mere storage of value. So what are the realistic prospects for the token? Are NFTs a bubble or are they worth taking a closer look?
It’s not yet clear whether NFTs are a godsend (or Pandora’s box) for the crypto industry. Nonetheless, the NFT industry is growing fast and regulation simply can’t keep up. That’s why there are growing questions about the regulatory landscape surrounding NFTs—and how it should look in the future. There are also questions about the specific roles that regulators should play in NFTs and if there are any precedents at all, reg-wise. And, perhaps most importantly, people really want to know about how to make money off NFTs and not break any laws.
As the NFT hype intensifies, bad actors will seek to cash-in as well. So it’s crucial to look out for emerging fraud schemes and adopt the appropriate security measures with regard to NFTs. 

Join our experts as they share some practical tips to consider in the early stages of the NFT era. Topics of the live webinar include: 

– NFT use cases and future perspectives 
– The potential of NFTs and decentralized finance technologies in general 
 Regulatory prospects and implications of NFTs 
– NFT-friendly jurisdictions most appropriate for your NFT business 
– Blockchain analysis & NFTs 
– NFT fraud cases you should know about 
– Monetization challenges 

– Marina Khaustova, CEO of Crystal Blockchain 
– Аnton Toroptsev, Growth Marketing Manager at Binance 
– Tony Petrov, Head of Legal at Sumsub 
– George Basiladze, Founder of Wert 

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