Solving the Travel Rule Puzzle

  • Elizabeth Vasilieva

    Elizabeth Vasilieva

    Deputy Head of Legal

    Elizabeth Vasileva has been a Senior Legal Officer at Sumsub for nearly 5 years. She is a certified CySEC AML Compliance Officer and an experienced attorney with a focus on AML / KYC, data protection, contract law, and human rights.

  • Anastasia Shvechkova

    Anastasia Shvechkova

    Head of Business Development

    Anastasia has been a part of Sumsub since 2019. As a Head of Business Development, she guides the company's strategic direction leveraging her expertise in key industries to drive business growth.

  • Alex Tupov

    Alex Tupov

    Project Manager

    Alex Tupov is an experienced product manager with a strong focus on UX and client wellbeing. Over the past three years, Alex has played a key role in driving automation and product evolution within Sumsub.

  • Date

    23 March 2023

  • Time

    11AM CET

Sumsub’s Travel Rule solution is designed to help crypto businesses (VASPs) easily comply with FATF requirements and ensure that transactions are fraud-free. Once you implement the solution, you’ll be able to detect VASPs/unhosted wallets and conduct the necessary data transfers,  AML screening, reporting and more.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss Travel Rule challenges and the first steps towards compliance, including AML screening with Sumsub’s solution.

In just 40 minutes, we’ll cover:
– The overview and legal background of Travel Rule
– Typical challenges in implementation
– How Sumsub’s Travel Rule solution works

– Elizabeth Vasilieva, Deputy Head of Legal
– Anastasia Shvechkova, Head of Business Development
– Alex Tupov, Project Manager

Join us live and get a checklist for ensuring safe and easy Travel Rule compliance.

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