Reduce Your Exposure To Fraud Risks: Best Practices From Industry Experts

  • Sara Abbasi

    Sara Abbasi

    Senior Consultant APAC, Fintrail

    Sara has a background in anti-financial crime operations, spanning both FinTech and traditional banking sectors. She specialises in audits, SAR reporting, investigations, and transaction monitoring. Based in Singapore, Sara is also FINTRAIL’s APAC expert. Prior to joining FINTRAIL, Sara worked in senior anti-financial crime compliance positions at a Big Four consultancy. She has also worked in AML investigations and as a compliance analyst at a global bank and a fast-growing FinTech. Drawing from her hands-on experience in the UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Sara offers expert financial crime compliance advisory services for a diverse range of financial products and services. She has collaborated with FinTechs, RegTechs and established banks, aiding their technology overhauls and crafting tailored, risk-based anti-financial crime strategies for both new-to-market and existing offerings. With her extensive product knowledge including banking-as-a-service, cryptocurrency, payments and merchant acquiring, across different regions, Sara innovatively leverages technology to enhance financial crime defences, ensure regulatory adherence, and optimise operational efficiency.

  • Kai Asano

    Kai Asano

    Manager, Cacco Inc./YCP Solidiance

    Kai has over six years of experience in data analytics/science and business operation reform. He is responsible in the strategic expansion and execution for fraud detection solutions in Southeast Asia. His involvement in projects spans across a wide range of industries, including IT, Retail, Ecommerce, Fintech and Telecommunications.

  • George NP

    George NP

    Head of Business Development APAC, Sumsub

    With over 10 years experience of global software sales in virtualization and know your customer, George is a keen enthusiast of exploring the ways advanced technology improves people's lives.

  • Jess Patel

    Jess Patel

    Head of Product - Transaction Monitoring, Sumsub

    As a Product Owner/Manager, Jess is passionate about creating innovative and effective solutions to solve real problems for people and businesses. Jess has over eight years of experience in product management, with a focus on fincrime risk management, transaction monitoring, and KYC in the FinTech industry.

  • Vijay Bharadwaj

    Vijay Bharadwaj

    Senior Consultant, Ingenia Consultants

    Vijay has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Vijay spent a significant part of his career with a global fund management company working across finance, risk management and governance in different countries and, ultimately, as Regional Head of Operational Risk for APAC. He then moved into payment services, where he developed the compliance program and managed compliance function as Head of Compliance and Regional Head of Compliance respectively for two payment services companies dealing with fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Based on a landmark study by Javelin Strategy and Research, identity fraud losses totalled US$43 Billion in 2022 in the US alone. Business disruption (44%) and legal expenses (36%) alone are the biggest losses incurred—so it’s no surprise that fraud prevention is imperative for businesses and financial institutions. 

When it comes to identity fraud, KYC often comes first to mind. However, fraud is getting more sophisticated—and relying on KYC alone is no longer sufficient. Based on Sumsub’s internal stats, an alarming 70% of fraud activity occurs after the KYC stage. 

In this webinar, we will discuss:
– Key findings from Sumsub’s annual report on identity fraud
– The top fraud trends in APAC and elsewhere, with a look at specific case studies
– Technological advancements in fraud prevention beyond KYC, including behavioral risk analysis
– How businesses can balance regulatory compliance, risk tolerance, and the customer experience technological advancements

– Sara Abbasi, Senior Consultant APAC, Fintrail
– Kai Asano, Manager, Cacco Inc./YCP Solidiance
– Vijay Bharadwaj, Senior Consultant, Ingenia Consultants
– Jess Patel, Head of Product – Transaction Monitoring, Sumsub

– George NP, Head of Business Development APAC, Sumsub

This webinar is designed for compliance officers, and individuals interested in understanding the latest developments in fraud prevention. Register now to secure your spot and stay ahead in the ever-changing industry.

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