Compliance in 2023: AI, Regtech & New Trends

Key insights for the fintech, trading & crypto industries

24 January 2023
Stephen Strickland, Christopher Murrer, Andrew Dutton, Tony Petrov
55 min
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Compliance in 2023: AI, Regtech & New Trends

2023 is already here, and with it come new changes to the compliance game! 

This webinar covers the latest legal developments in AML, artificial intelligence, regtech, and their impact on the fintech, trading, and crypto industries. Experts from Sumsub, Checkout, Pismo and Elements Digital will discuss what to expect this year and beyond and how organizations should prepare to stay ahead of the compliance curve. 

In 60 minutes, we’ll discuss:
– Main trends and challenges for the fintech, trading, and crypto industries
– EU Artificial Intelligence Act: what to expect?
– eIDAS 2.0: what the new European standard for identity wallets brings to the industry
– Financial crime & AML: will the Travel Rule help?
– The future of digital identities: SSI
– All-in-one technologies to make your life easier

– Dr Stephen Strickland, Chief Compliance Officer at Elements Digital
– Christopher Murrer, Senior Legal Counsel at Checkout
– Andrew Dutton, Information Security Architecture Manager at Pismo
– Tony Petrov, Chief Legal Officer at Sumsub

– Kevin Healey, Business Development Manager at Sumsub

Join us to learn how businesses can leverage these changes and develop successful compliance strategies for the future. 

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