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Advanced Transaction Monitoring Masterclass 2024

Fight back against rising financial crimes! Learn from industry experts how to close the knowledge gap that's fueling this global threat.

  • Daria Dubinina

    Daria Dubinina

    Co-CEO of Crassula

    Daria Dubinina is a CEO and co-founder of Crassula. She has dedicated more than 10 years to mastering payments, e-commerce and business development. Leading strategist and entrepreneur, Daria has also led major partnership deals with top international companies. Her expertise and specialization are in payments, strategic management, international business development, financial technologies, and international regulations.

  • Alvaro Garcia

    Alvaro Garcia

    Transaction Monitoring Technical Manager at Sumsub

    Alvaro works as a Transaction Monitoring Technical Manager at Sumsub. He is an International and European law graduate with a master’s degree in criminology and another in European private law. He has more than 5 years experience working together with law enforcement in criminal investigations and has also trained compliance officers from industries all around the globe in the transaction monitoring realm.

  • Sheetal R. Bhardwaj

    Sheetal R. Bhardwaj

    Board-Member ACFCS, MENA Chapter

    Sheetal Bhardwaj is a seasoned Risk & Compliance professional with over two decades of hands-on experience managing successful Compliance Programs in the MENAT and Australasia region. She was an approved Compliance Officer & MLRO by the Central Bank of the UAE and Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). As a Subject-Matter Expert, she has experience in several leadership roles covering various aspects of Regulatory Compliance & Financial Crime Risk, including regulatory audits & thematic reviews.

  • Tony Petrov

    Tony Petrov

    Chief legal officer at Sumsub

    Tony Petrov has been Chief Legal Officer at Sumsub since 2018. He is an experienced blockchain and fintech attorney with a focus on AML and KYC compliance, data privacy and international regulator relations. Being a certified CySEC AML Compliance Officer, Tony is the author and host of the YouTube channel "Sumsub for Experts".

  • Oonagh Van Den Berg

    Oonagh Van Den Berg

    CEO at Virtual Risk Solutions (VRS)

    Oonagh is the founder of the global compliance training, advisory, licensing and remediation practice VRS. She is globally recognized as an award winning financial services compliance risk thought leader with over 20 years' experience in financial entities including traditional Banking and Crypto firms.

  • Björn Wahlström

    Björn Wahlström

    CEO of Current Consulting Group

    Björn Wahlström is the CEO of Hong Kong-based risk management firm Current Consulting Group. Björn is an asset recovery specialist with 20 years of experience in Asia and has extensive experience in asset recovery and corporate investigations. He has personally delivered projects around Asia as well as in Europe and the U.S. He has a track record in successful recovery for sensitive industries and difficult situations, including several high-profile cases in crypto. He has been active in crypto and cross-border payment systems for more than 10 years, he’s at the front of crypto investigations in Asia, and the architect of the group’s crypto advisory services. Björn is a board-certified investigator and an experienced expert witness, and he’s a frequent speaker on topics of crypto, compliance, and recovery.


May 15, 2024


11 a.m. CET

The most important voice in the world of advanced transaction monitoring comes from the professionals striving to update their knowledge. So, we are here to share some feedback from the 2,300+ fintech professionals from AML, anti-fraud, and compliance teams who joined the course.

The feedback for the Transaction Monitoring Masterclass has been phenomenal. Numerous participants highlighted that the open-access format, course structure, and emphasis on practical implementation were highly beneficial.

  • As the COO of PEERHUB LTD and a leading regulatory and technical compliance expert, currently engaged in technical advisory for AML and compliance setup, I can confidently say that the Master Class on Transaction Monitoring is an indispensable resource for professionals in our field. The insights and strategies offered are invaluable for mastering transaction monitoring techniques, staying ahead of evolving regulatory requirements, and effectively combating financial crime.

    Ashiwaju Sola Oshin

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Participating in this course has been a game-changer for me in understanding FinCrime prevention and AML excellence strategies. The content was not only comprehensive but also highly practical, providing actionable insights that I could immediately apply in my role. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this critical area.

    Vera Veldscholten

    Transaction Monitoring Product Owner

  • Thank you so much for insightful sessions, Module 5: Alerts, Triggers, and SAR Submissions has been my favourite as it is my current area of study. Oonagh you're such an amazing speaker and relatable.

    Rhodah Muthoni

    Compliance Analyst

  • The Advanced TM Course offered insights on how to leverage AI to increase the productivity of staff as well as efficiency on TM.

    Pauline Nassimbwa

    Compliance Manager

  • The training is very insightful, informative and very helpful, especially in the world we find ourselves in – full of crime.

    Mohamed Alhaji Koroma

    Head of Compliance

  • This course has definitely enhanced my knowledge in AML and I will use these tools to grow in my role.

    Rashida Coke

    Compliance Officer

The Masterclass Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Another highlight from the masterclass was our live AMA session, where our expert panel addressed questions directly from the audience. Take your chance to participate in similar sessions by reserving your place on the course today.

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