Faster onboarding for a more remote world

Online banking is here to stay. Sumsub is here to help you ensure compliance, safety, and higher conversion rate.

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Faster onboarding for a more remote world

Adapt fast or risk losing clients

Most clients won’t be returning to in-person banking. Keep them around as they move online.

Reduce manual work for everyone

Save time, lower costs, and eliminate friction both for clients and your team.

Scale up without lowering quality

Automate your onboarding process for consistent service, no matter how many clients you onboard.

KYC & AML software tailored to your needs

Engage users with clear and simple onboarding that promises high completion rates and more paying customers

  • ID verification

    Determines the authenticity of ID documents from 220+ countries and territories with the help of AI-powered tools. This includes documents written in Latin, Cyrillic, Semitic, and Hieroglyphic scripts.

  • Liveness

    Performs a quick biometric scan of the user’s face via phone or web camera to determine if they’re truly present when accessing your service. This prevents imposters from using masks, deepfakes, and other spoofing methods.

  • Proof of Address

    Extracts the address listed on the document (utility bill, bank statement, lease agreement, etc.) and determines if it’s real. Then, the address is standardized, validated, and geocoded to confirm whether the person actually lives there.

  • AML + ongoing monitoring

    Scours thousands of global and national sanctions lists including OFAC, HMT, UN, and more to identify persons associated with criminal activity or those prohibited from certain industries and activities. This is performed during initial onboarding and on an ongoing basis.

Build bank-grade security

Sumsub is designed to be bulletproof, ensuring full compliance with the toughest industry standards.

  • PCI DSS certified
  • iBeta-tested
Build bank-grade security

The right data and tools to prevent fraud

Sumsub combines advanced anti-fraud systems with internal fraud databases built through years of onboarding clients worldwide.

  • Blocklist with over 1 million fraudsters and fake IDs
  • Behavioral Risk Score
The right data and tools to prevent fraud

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Stay on top of social distancing guidelines

Give clients a safe and remote alternative to in-person banking during the pandemic.

If you work in a special jurisdiction, we’ve got you covered

Meet specific requirements in places like Germany and Estonia, thanks to a video verification solution that executes your CDD process and takes just 3-5 minutes to onboard honest clients.

Keep it simple for 99% pass rates

  • Assisted image capture

    Helps applicants properly photograph their documents on the first try, increasing conversion rates overall.

  • Smart data extraction

    Saves users the trouble of entering data by hand with OCR that scans data fields with 99% precision and fills in the blanks automatically.

  • Document pre-check

    Gives clients a heads up when they upload poor-quality photos, making sure they pass verification in one go.

  • Switch to mobile

    Lets users switch from their PC to a mobile device midway through, which is useful for taking selfies for verification.

Easily integrate your tech stack with Sumsub

Use Sumsub to integrate the services you need via Web SDK, Mobile SDK, or our RESTful API.
Don’t worry about interruptions with 99.9% uptime.

Don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what our clients have to say

Luis Vaello

Luis Vaello

Former COO at Bitnovo

There were many options to choose from, but after in-depth research of the market, we saw that Sumsub was better than most of its competitors. They support verification in most countries, process data according to GDPR, and have a lot of experience working with cases such as ours.


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