Aug 14, 2020
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Say Hello to Sumsub Video Ident; Video-based KYC in Tune With the Regulatory Rules of Estonia, the DACH Region and Liechtenstein

Video identification is already a must in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and, from July, Estonia. Other jurisdictions, such as the Czech Republic, are also looking to incorporate video streaming for certain types of users. However, it’s difficult to look for a solution that works for both video and document-based checks. It might turn out to be expensive, reduce conversion, or ultimately won’t be robust enough to set up different kinds of checks for different user groups.

To help businesses who work in these regions go through the changes stress-free, we are introducing Sumsub Video Identification. It is not just a tool for the automation of video checks, but a ready-made system that combines compliance expertise, a powerful technological platform, and trained operators.

A mighty technological platform

The video identification tool is right on your dashboard. The control panel appears on the applicant’s page when you open a pending application.

How Sumsub Video Ident works

You can conduct interviews, collect all the relevant information and go for enhanced investigation—all from one place, with ease:

  • Customize verification flows. Some users need to be verified via video streaming and some via a document-based check? Сonstruct suitable workflows for different applicant types, setting up the necessary steps and document requests from the SDK Integrations tab, all according to your internal and jurisdictional demands.
  • Conduct interviews fast, with a perfectly thought-out system. Ask applicants to show the necessary documents and take high quality screenshots—of the documents and the owner. Assess the quality of the images immediately and re-take them in case something goes wrong. In case a regulator comes asking, the video interview is recorded and is always available along with all of the relevant documents, right in the applicant’s profile.
  • Verify documents behind the scenes. Your high-quality screenshots of the submitted ID documents will be automatically added to the application and verified against the system within several minutes, so you’ll most likely attain all of the necessary scores before the call is concluded.
  • Equip operators with all the necessary information before the call starts. Jump onto the interview with all of the data that you could possibly need, such as the applicant’s status log, a list of the users’ actions and profile data, all right in front of your eyes. Plus, to enhance the reliability, you can use all of Sumsub’s compliance tools, such as notes, actions and investigation capabilities.

Integrated compliance, tailored for you

The criteria for operators, interview logic, and document verification requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction. The new solution includes processes that are compliant with video identification demands.

As a part of the check, operators can collect the documents necessary to prove AML compliance. During the interview, they can ask not only mandatory questions provided by the regulators but also customize them to ensure their risk-based approach. Based on the data collected during the interview, operators can make the final assessment and decide whether to establish a business relationship.

What is the compliance layer in Sumsub Video Ident?

  • Process build on the risk-based approach
  • Due diligence guidelines
  • Video interview scripts
  • Automated reporting
  • Compliance specialists to do the interviews

Sumsub Video Ident has two billing options:

  1. As an end-to-end video identification solution, the checks will be done for you by Sumsub’s operators, who are trained according to your jurisdiction’s legal requirement.
  2. As a tech tool, Sumsub can act as a foundation for you to organize video streaming with our own operators.

Ready to give it a go?

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Coming soon

  • Questionnaires. Custom questionnaires to help operators follow the general workframe during interviews and save the applicants’ answers in plain text.
  • Scheduled calls. Choosing the time for a later call when all operators are busy.
  • Ready-made compliance processes for the remaining jurisdictions.
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