Apr 16, 2019
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Real-Time ID Verification

ID verification is used by thousands of companies worldwide to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations, improve risk management, and prevent fraud.

The procedure includes documentary verification (checking of the authenticity of physical identity documents) and at a higher level non-documentary verification (matching the identity information against various databases, sanctions registers, and blacklists).

Fields of Application

  • eCommerce
  • Gambling
  • Sharing Industry
  • Trading
  • Finance
  • Online Education

The Sumsub ID verification solution comprises the latest AI-based technology that features computer vision and machine learning. 


How it works



  • Auto select of the best angle for ID capture
  • Front and back ID scanning


  • Smart data extraction: recognition of handwritten and crumpled documents
  • Autofill
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Verification and validation

  • Integrity and authenticity check
  • Validity check

Let’s do it the Sumsub way!

  • Nicely: The platform is designed to make the user enjoy every step of verification.
  • Effortlessly: Flexible automation allows to reduces manual workload by 60-90%.
  • Smartly: The checks can be performed via single and multi-account web SDK, mobile SDK, API, widget, Android, or iOS.
  • Safely and securely: All customer and related data is encrypted and protected, in accordance with GDPR, PDPA, and CIS (FZ-152).