Mar 23, 2023
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Can You Build a Compliant Business and Save Money? (Quiz)

Time to fill the shoes of a CEO or a compliance officer (unless you are one already). Let’s see if you can keep your business compliant with regulations while turning a profit.

It’s enough of a challenge to launch a new company. Keeping your business compliant and profitable is a whole other story. We at Sumsub prepared a game where you need to figure out how to onboard new customers, and comply with a variety of regulations, all while saving as much money as possible 

How to play

You’ve just started a fintech company. Your goal is to set up your customer verification system to 1) detect fraudsters, 2) stay compliant with regulations and 3) maintain a high conversion rate. Sounds a bit difficult, right?

You start the game with 1,000 points. The amount of points may increase or drastically decrease depending on whether you answer correctly or not. You should note that some options may be correct but not the best ones. So, you need to read through all the options and choose the best one for your company. The more correct answers you give, the higher the chance your company will succeed. If you run out of points, then, oh well, time to open a new company. Feel confident? Then, let’s start. 

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