Oct 05, 2023
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Ask Sumsubers: What Industries can Benefit from Non-Doc Verification and How?

Time to talk with Sumsub’s Head of Data Intelligence about our Non-Doc Verification solution and its advantages.

Sumsub keeps getting questions from our followers about the specifics of regulatory compliance, verification, automated solutions, and everything in between. We’ve therefore decided to launch a bi-weekly Q&A series, where our legal, tech, and other experts answer the most frequently asked questions. Check out The Sumsuber and our social media every other Thursday for new answers, and don’t forget to ask about the things that interest you.

This week, our Head of Data Intelligence, Vainius Fedotovas, will briefly discuss the applications and benefits of Sumsub’s Non-Doc Verification solutions across both regulated and unregulated industries.

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Let’s start by briefly explaining what Non-Doc Verification is. The solution allows companies to onboard users at the highest security standard without asking them to upload or scan ID documents. Depending on their jurisdiction, customers can use alternative identification methods, including crossmatching personal information and biometric data against government records or securely authenticating via a banking institution, which holds a pre-verified user identity.

In recent years, more and more countries have adopted Non-Doc Verification into their regulatory frameworks, creating significant opportunities for businesses to improve their service efficiency and gain competitive leverage. In regulated industries, such as neo-banking, payment, crypto, and gambling, companies can implement Non-Doc Verification to stay fully compliant, while maximizing customer conversion rates and significantly reducing their operational costs. Meanwhile, companies in unregulated industries, such as social media, mobility, telecommunications, and e-commerce, can leverage the first-class speed and flexibility of this technology,which enables both onboarding as well as age, address, and phone number verification.

Sumsub’s in-house Non-Doc Verification solution currently covers over 93% of users across Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Nigeria, and the UK, with more countries enabled continuously. The best aspect of this technology is that it can be customized in combination with other KYC, AML, and KYT solutions to meet both country- and business-specific requirements. Our flexible Workflow Builder allows companies to easily switch between traditional document-based verification and Non-Doc Verification, as well as enable both onboarding methods for different customer segments or regions if needed. All of this ensures faster user onboarding, reduced identity fraud risks, and maximized business revenue potential.

Vainius Fedotovas

Head of Data Intelligence