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How Businesses Benefit from Adverse Media Screening

Negative news screening tools perform quick searches across an array of updated and historical open data sources finding any related to any entity information that can pose risk to an organization or individual in question.

Adverse information screening is essential for uncovering any connections to criminal activities such as fraud and money laundering. If involved in any of these activities, firms will be facing legal consequences that can leave a stain on their reputation.

Adverse media categories

  • Terrorism;
  • Terrorist Financing;
  • Financial crime;
  • Organized crime;
  • Trafficking;
  • Corruption;
  • Tax crime.

What a robust adverse information screening tool gives businesses

  • Reaching full automation

An automated adverse media screening tool empowers your compliance team to make decisions faster and direct their energy into the tasks that can’t do without human assessment and creativity.

  • Reduced false positives

Automated technology powered by artificial intelligence reduces false positives and makes the screening process fast. The algorithms of machine learning monitor up to tens of thousands of media sources that can carry potential risks and find all linkages of corporate ownership and associated individuals, including PEPs and UBOs.

  • Risk screening tailored to your business

Check which lists to screen against global sanctions and watchlists, PEPs data and adverse media. Search profiles using AI-powered matching algorithms with the flexibility to your unique risk guidelines. Choose the way you want screening to be done by using either REST APIs, customer portal, or batch screening via CSV uploads.

  • Manual reviews kept to a minimum

Unite identity verification with AML screening to quickly fulfill regulatory screening requirements bringing down excessive manual reviews to a minimum.

  • Real-time global negative news screening

A good adverse media screening strategy includes thousands of updated watchlists such as OFAC, HMT, UN, etc. Companies should be able to check profiles of entities on any of these global and national sanctions lists.

  • Seamless integration

With a highly configurable REST API, a single integrated dashboard can help you with managing individual’s verification and screening against sanction lists.

Sumsub KYC-compliant identity verification with automated AML screening helps to reach all of these goals reducing risk exposure. 

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