Apr 15, 2019
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Document Verification

Document verification is the procedure of checking that an ID or a supporting document, provided by a user is genuine and truly belongs to him/her. 

Document verification helps to reduce the risks related to identity theft and fraud, comply with local regulations, and avoid financial and reputational losses. 

Fields of Application

  • KYC/AML Compliance
  • Proof of Address
  • KYC/AML Account Opening
  • Corporate clients check

The Sumsub document verification service is able to capture and validate over 4 500 documents from 150+ countries, including utility bills, driving licenses, residence permits, government-issued IDs, etc.


How it works



The document is scanned with a smartphone of any model


Data Extraction

The system accurately extracts the data in all major languages, including Chineese, Korean and Japanese


Security features

Matching the identity information against various databases, sanctions registers, and blacklists

Let’s do it the Sumsub way!

  • Competently: Choose fully automated or human-assisted verification, depending on your risk criteria
  • Quickly: 97% hit rate in around 60 seconds
  • Safely and securely: All customer and related data is encrypted and protected, in accordance with GDPR, PDPA, and CIS (FZ-152)