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2022 is almost over, so now is the time to reflect! Wherever we look, there are key takeaways that make a difference. Here’s our rundown of the outgoing year

Identity fraud report 2022

2022 in numbers

  • 96%

    average pass rate

  • 53 sec
    53 sec

    average verification time

  • ×2

    new clients

Product super upgrade

We evolved into an all-in-one verification platform for the whole user journey

New products

  • Transaction monitoring

    Brand-new transaction monitoring solution. Detect and block suspicious activity using 300+ ready-to-use risk scenarios

  • 1click

    Onboard 2B people with the document-free verification for Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, and India using government databases

  • Workflow Builder

    Flexible customization tool for any user or use case. Build your own verification logic code-free

  • Revamped KYB

    An all-in-one Business Verification solution with an intuitive interface. No more endless manual checks and delays

New features

  • PoA via geolocation

    GPS-based approach to address verification

  • New local databases

    Added SSN and background checks for US users, plus validation of new documents in 21 countries

  • Salesforce integration

    KYC initiation and results now available in Salesforce

  • Fully-revamped Video Identification solution

    BaFin-compliant solution, available on every device with Mobile SDK

New volumes

Industry recognition

We take security and privacy seriously.
Our certifications and recurring testing back this up

Industry recognition

Tons of

We have so much to share with you. And we share it.

  • 84

    blog articles

  • 74

    YouTube videos

  • 21

    success stories

  • 9.5

    hours of webinars

Thousands of lovely
people met

Did we meet you this year? If not, let's make it happen in 2023!

  • 74 сonferences attended
    74 сonferences attended
  • 4 community events organized
    4 community events organized
Thousands of lovely people met

Our Team

The heart and soul of our company

  • +51% team growth

  • New Sumsubbers from 20 countries

  • New offices in Miami and Tel Aviv

The best part of 2022

The best part of 2022

2022 wouldn’t have been such a success without our furry friends. These guys inspire us to be the best that we can be, and always seek to protect us from harm. So perhaps it’s no surprise that our logo is a bulldog

The best part of 2022

All of these guys are 2022%
ready for the new year. See you in 2023!

Youtube channel

Complete guide on surviving in the online jungle


KYC/AML guides, latest regulatory updates and best practices from our legal and compliance experts

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