How Employment Verification Check Increases Onboarding

Reducing time and increasing accuracy of the manual background check with KYC verification

One of the most common checks during the onboarding process is an employee background check. Does the person that about to join your team has criminal records? Are they currently involved in a bankruptcy proceeding? The answer to these questions can be given with an employee background check.

What is an employment verification
An employment verification service (or VOE—Verification of Employment) is the review of person’s history to confirm their professional background and appropriate work experience required for the position. It is the basic verification if you just need to know where an applicant is employed, but don’t necessarily need their “ability to pay” to be proven. Performing background checks on employees and applicants is an effective way to learn about issues that could affect one’s company.

There are multiple occasions when candidates lie about the years of experience, misrepresent their past titles, achievements or responsibilities. These are examples of the kinds of discrepancies that could come up in the background check which may indicate to employers that the candidate is being intentionally dishonest.

How to scan employment history
There is no doubt that resume accuracy is a common problem in the current environment and the effort required to verify credentials impacts the hiring process and costs employers time and money.

Typically, to verify job titles, employees of the company will do it manually, check start and end dates for each job, salary and job duties, reason for termination. The process is long and time consuming.

This is where a proper employment verification service such as KYC check will increase transparency and address fraud in employee credentials.To prove employment history individuals are asked to upload the validated information and documents to perform due diligence, screen the individual data against sanction and global watchlists, PEPs and adverse media to confirm their details for a new job.

With a vast database Sumsub performs verification in seconds, screening against records from thousands of large and small, private and public sector employers nationwide. If the applicant’s employment data isn’t available for some reason, a manual verification can be completed by quickly connecting with the right resources.

400+ businesses and 10 000 000 users trust Sumsub and benefit from the one gate KYC/AML solution. Learn more about our approach here. 

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