May 19, 2023
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The Sumsuber Memory Game

Open the cards as quickly as you can to win the Emerging Markets Guide from Sumsub!

Identity verification can be hard—especially when it comes to identifying rare documents in different languages. The good news is that Sumsub can check any docs in just one click, just by using ID numbers and databases!

Here’s a game to see how good your memory is. See if you can memorize all the rare documents that Sumsub can verify in seconds.

Here are the IDs featured in the game:

  1. Nigerian ID. Did you know that Sumsub can check various rare documents, including Argentina’s DNI, or Nigerian NINs?
  2. Indian ID. You can verify the Indian Aadhaar in seconds, document-free. Here’s how.
  3. Swiss ID. Learn how to verify Swiss IDs with Sumsub.
  4. Brazilian ID. Brazilian identity cards can be easily verified throughout databases using ID numbers only!
  5. Norwegian ID. Norwegian IDs aren’t too easy to forge. But some are. Find out which are most at-risk in Sumsub’s Fraud Report.
  6. Japanese ID. Get the highest pass rates with Sumsub: 96.46% in Japan!

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