Zero-Risk Trading: How to Stay Compliant without Losing Clients

Expert view and solutions on challenges in trading

10 November 2022
Anastasia Theofanous, Yehor Lastenko, Oded Mathan, Tony Petrov, Marwan Semida
60 min
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Zero-Risk Trading: How to Stay Compliant without Losing Clients

Trading is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. The regulations frequently change, so staying up-to-date with all the latest laws and sanctions is essential for staying in business. Money laundering and terrorist financing add even more risk. 

At the same time, the customer’s experience begins at verification, so you need to make this process smooth and convenient, otherwise you’re bound to face high drop-off rates.

So how can trading platforms balance fraud protection and high conversion, especially when working globally?

Join us to learn more about:
– Challenges in trading
– Overview of trading regulations and specifics across different countries
– How to stay compliant without losing clients: case studies & best practices

– Anastasia Theofanous, Head of Compliance & AML, Match-Prime Liquidity
– Yehor Lastenko, Head of Back Office, Capital.com
– Oded Mathan, Product Manager, Plus500
– Tony Petrov, Chief Legal Officer, Sumsub
– Marwan Semida, Business Development Manager, Sumsub

– Elina Corkhill, Customer Success Manager

This webinar will be especially useful for trading platforms, DMA/CFD brokerage companies, investment funds & marketplaces.

Join this webinar to learn how to stay compliant without losing clients!

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