Transaction Monitoring and Fraud Detection: How to Bolster Your Business Defences

  • Guilherme Chaddad

    Guilherme Chaddad

    Software Engineer Specialist at Pismo

    Guilherme Chaddad is the Global Software Engineer Specialist for Pismo. He started his career with software development in the last 10+ years, specializing in the payments industry through his work in schemes and processors, he currently supports Pismo in the Business Engineering squad, responsible for the development and implementation of business solutions.

  • Vyacheslav Zholudev

    Vyacheslav Zholudev

    Chief Technology Officer at Sumsub

    Co-founder and CTO at Sumsub, an all-in-one verification platform to secure the whole customer journey. Vyacheslav brings unparalleled technical and entrepreneurial acumen to help Sumsub’s development team reach complex goals effectively. His efforts are the reason why Sumsub has 99.996% uptime. Vyacheslav holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Jacobs University (Germany), with experience working as a solution architect at ResearchGate. He is an expert in privacy protection, ID verification trends, cases of digital frauds and international regulatory compliance regarding personal data.

  • Lucas Newman

    Lucas Newman

    Business Development Manager at Sumsub

    Lucas serves as a Business Development Manager, specializing in engagement with APEC clients. In collaboration with some of Sumsub's most prominent partners, he diligently optimizes their compliance processes for the global market, ensuring seamless adherence to international regulations.

Money laundering, fraud, and other financial crimes are serious threats to the financial service industry. What’s more, failure to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations can result in heavy fines, reputational damage, and even licence revocation. That’s why transaction monitoring is crucial for any company offering financial services, as it helps detect suspicious activity, perform risk assessments, and minimise financial crime.

In this webinar, Pismo and Sumsub offer insights on spotting transaction fraud, bolstering your defences, and optimizing conversion rates at the same time.

In just 60 minutes, we’ll cover the following topics:
– Strategies for detecting suspicious activity to reduce fraud
– How to set up a transaction monitoring process that balances difficult rules and scalability
– Balancing automated and manual review for effective transaction monitoring
– The benefits of combining KYC with transaction monitoring
– Best practices for choosing the right transaction monitoring solution

– Vyacheslav Zholudev, Chief Technology Officer at Sumsub
– Guilherme Chaddad, Software Engineer Specialist at Pismo

– Lucas Newman, Business Development Manager at Sumsub

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