Generative AI in Fintech: How It is Changing the Game in MENA

  • Akshay Chopra

    Akshay Chopra

    Managing Partner at 237 Ventures and Payments Committee Co-Chair at MENA Fintech Association

    Akshay is a serial venture builder, investor and fintech executive. As Managing Partner of 237 Ventures, he is an angel investor and advisor to governments and organizations. He serves on multiple boards, including Fuze and MENA FinTech Association. Akshay holds 7 patents and his executive roles include VP of Innovation & Crypto Solutions for Visa CEMEA.

  • Ronit Ghose

    Ronit Ghose

    Global Head of Citi's Future of Finance

  • Pavel Goldman-Kalaydin

    Pavel Goldman-Kalaydin

    Head of AI/ML at Sumsub

    Pavel is the Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Sumsub, a global full-cycle verification platform. With an extensive background in software engineering, Pavel has worked in AI and ML for over 10 years. At Sumsub, he oversees the development of digital fraud prevention technologies. Prior to joining Sumsub in 2022, Pavel was the director of AI at one of the largest digital banks in Europe. He also led research at a social media company with a user base of 100M+ users, where he founded a scientific lab focused on natural language processing (NLP) research. Leading the AI/ML team at Sumsub, Pavel is in charge of AI-generated fraud prevention and automation in Sumsub’s products. Thanks to Pavel, Sumsub’s Liveness solution was upgraded to 99.98% deepfake detection accuracy in 2023. Pavel also supervised the launch of For Fake’s Sake, a publicly available set of models developed by the Sumsub AI/ML Lab, enabling the detection of deepfakes and synthetic fraud in visual assets.

  • Hannes Bezuidenhout

    Hannes Bezuidenhout

    VP Sales at Sumsub

    In his role as the Sales VP of Africa at Sumsub, Hannes Bezuidenhout stands out for his deep expertise in financial crime compliance, fraud prevention, and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols. He spearheads strategies that streamline onboarding processes, combat fraud, and ensure rigorous regulatory compliance, with a special emphasis on identity verification and anti-money laundering measures. Hannes' extensive career experience across diverse markets has endowed him with a unique perspective and skill set, crucial for tackling the complexities of the digital financial landscape. As moderator for the webinar on generative AI in finance and regtech, Hannes is set to lead meaningful discussions among industry leaders, delving into the latest trends, challenges, and developments in AI-enhanced fintech.

Generative AI is shaking up the fintech world. Research by The Economist indicates that 86% of financial services executives are planning to increase their investments in AI through 2025. Yet, it’s not all smooth sailing, considering the complex challenges of fraud and deepfakes.

What, then, is the likely trajectory of generative AI in financial services, particularly in MENA? And how can we stay ahead of the game and strategize effectively to ensure the benefits of AI outweigh the risks?

Join industry leaders from the MENA Fintech Association, Citi, 237 Ventures and Sumsub to gain insights on how generative AI is reshaping finance and regtech. The webinar will explore real examples and insights from the MENA region, noting the opportunities and challenges brought forth by generative AI technologies.

In 60 minutes, we’ll discuss:
– The current state of MENA fintech: emerging trends and regional insights
– The bright and dark sides of Generative AI in finance: practical cases and challenges
– What’s next for AI in fintech? Future trends and predictions

– Akshay Chopra, Managing Partner at 237 Ventures, Payments Committee Co-Chair at MENA Fintech Association
– Ronit Ghose, Global Head of Citi’s Future of Finance
– Pavel Goldman-Kalaydin, Head of AI/ML at Sumsub

– Hannes Bezuidenhout, VP Sales at Sumsub

This webinar is a must-attend for professionals in fintech, banking, and regtech.

Join us online and earn a certificate of attendance. Discover how to effectively implement generative AI at your business and develop forward-thinking strategies for future success. Register now to secure your spot!

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