Data-Driven Approach: How to Mitigate Fraud Risks in Fintech

  • Daniel Buttigieg

    Daniel Buttigieg

    Chief Commercial Officer at APCOPAY

    Daniel has been involved in the industry for two decades initially engaged in the sale and implementation of financial management systems, payroll, stock and POS turnkey solutions to the hospitality, retail and manufacturing industries locally. Lending himself toward the business development aspects an organization, he was later involved in the internationalisation of a regulatory reporting business intelligence platform within the banking sector, dedicating his final dissertation to a case study where he read for his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Malta, awarded with distinction. Within Apcopay, Daniel is responsible for the commercial and onboarding functions of the company, involving compliance to external as well as internal requirements, development of new business verticals as well as forming strategic alliances with banking and payment processing services with various Partners in the industry.

  • Chetan Shah

    Chetan Shah

    Global Chief Risk Officer at Wirex

    Chet is the Global CRO for Wirex Group. Wirex operates in multiple jurisdictions providing a payments platform integrating fiat and crypto. Chet’s team of about 70 staff are accountable for onboarding users executing KYC/CDD/EDD to within risk appetite; ongoing monitoring against sanctions and other flags; and fraud identification, mitigation and reporting. Prior to Wirex, Chet held senior Risk and Internal Audit positions in global banks, challengers and fintechs.

  • Julia Bonda

    Julia Bonda

    Head of Business Development at Sumsub

    With 10 years of experience in emerging technologies and business development, Julia serves as the lead for product strategies and development in the European region and the UK at Sumsub. As a speaker and author of various articles on new technologies in the fintech sector, Julia brings valuable insights to the industry. Julia holds a PhD in technical science.

  • Vamsi Kalluri

    Vamsi Kalluri

    Fraud and Chargeback Analyst at Jeton

    Vamsi is an experienced Fraud Analyst with six years of experience in the financial services industry. He is responsible for monitoring and understanding fraud trends and risks in order to refine logic/rules within fraud prevention systems. As a subject matter expert on fraud and chargeback policies, Vamsi is tasked with developing and implementing action plans to detect fraudulent activities. Vamsi holds an MBA with a focus on International Business from the University of Greenwich.

As the fintech industry rapidly expands, effective fraud prevention is more critical than ever. Money laundering, identity theft, account takeovers, and fraudulent chargeback requests pose significant threats to companies, leading to severe consequences. As global financial fraud losses reach $5 trillion annually, a data-driven approach to merchant onboarding and ongoing monitoring is essential.

Join experts from Sumsub, APCOPAY, Wirex, and Jeton as they explore fraud prevention in the fintech industry, offering insights and tools to safeguard your business and minimise risk.

In this webinar, our experts will cover the following topics:
– Data utilisation for fraud prevention during merchant onboarding
– Machine learning and AI: Applications for detecting and preventing fraud
– Data security: Safeguarding customer information with data-driven fraud prevention
– Evaluating strategies: Assessing the effectiveness of data-driven fraud mitigation
– Overcoming challenges: best practices & case studies

– Daniel Buttigieg, Chief Commercial Officer at APCOPAY
– Chetan Shah, Global Chief Risk Officer at Wirex
– Vamsi Kalluri, Fraud and Chargeback Analyst at Jeton

– Julia Bonda, Head of Business Development at Sumsub

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