May 20, 2021
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Sumsub Identity Authentication

Biometric authentication lets you verify customer identities by comparing their 3D face maps to their photos in government-issued IDs.

Safer than a password

Intelligent face map cannot be manipulated or tampered with

Quick as a wink

Authentication takes around 3 seconds

Fully compatible

iOS, Android, mobile SDK, web SDK

3 simple steps to balancing friction and security


When an account is set up, Sumsub generates the user’s face map and acquires an image of his/her government-issued ID.


The system checks liveness and compares the 3D face map against the photo on the ID to confirm the identity of the user.


At subsequent login or transaction approval, the system acquires a new face map that is compared to the original one.

First-Rate User Experience

  • Easy to use: authentication and sign-in can be done on one or on different devices
  • Easy to understand: simple instructions are given in a friendly manner
  • Easy to get accustomed to: an interface that continues throughout the whole system

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Advanced liveness proving: face depth estimation, 51+ microexpressions detection, and more
  • Built-in protection: anti-spoofing system tested on thousands of pictures, puppets, and masks
  • Self-learning system: each 3D face map is compared against the original and all previous face maps

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Use Cases


Transaction confirmation

Sharing services

Password change

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