Mar 30, 2021
2 min read

Announcing Prooface: In-House Liveness to Supercharge Your Onboarding

Slow response times, awkward user experience, and poor coverage are the three horsemen of bad liveness performance—and many existing solutions struggle with them to this day. What’s more, these same solutions promise conversion rates as high as 98%. But on the world scale, these numbers appear to be wishful thinking. That’s why we’ve developed Prooface, an in-house liveness solution aimed at delivering genuine results.

“We value our customers; and their experience is our top priority. Having the privilege of testing on a global audience, we’ve been able to tackle universal conversion setbacks, rather than local issues. This has inspired us to develop in-house liveness technology. And while we won’t go as far as promising 100% conversion, the results will be better than you expect.”

Vyacheslav Zholudev, Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer of Sumsub.

Here, we’ve highlighted some of the main ways our in-house liveness solution can bring more value to your business.

Grow your conversion rates

Blind spots in coverage and overburdening tasks are bad news for conversion. We’ve filled in these gaps by embracing a smoother flow that can boost conversion from 44% to 91%, as demonstrated by our trusty client, Olymp Trade. Prooface works equally well when it comes to verifying different nationalities and stays fast even with poor internet speeds, regardless of the device you’re using.

Keep spoof attacks out of mind

Even the best companies can occasionally fall victim to sophisticated fraud attacks. This won’t happen on our watch. Prooface takes photos of a person from different angles, instead of a single shot, which gathers more evidence of liveness. Plus, we hired actual liveness hacking experts to to overcome our defenses—none succeeded.

Up for a challenge? Reach out to try and hack our liveness solution yourself.

Remove complexity from user journeys

“Roll your eyes.” “Tilt and move your head back and forth.” “Do a jumping jack.” Some liveness solutions ask a lot of their users—and it can get annoying really fast. We kept our flow at peak simplicity, asking users to complete an easier, more natural-feeling task. It’s just one slight rotation of the head, and they’re done. This is our recipe for higher conversion rates.

There’s more

  • Keep your data defended. Cyber attacks can leave lasting scars on a business. To protect your service and reduce safety-related anxiety, Prooface encrypts all data transmitted during the check. This means securing data before it’s sent to us, which also prevents replay attacks. Plus, Prooface is compliant with iBeta, the most advanced testing methodology in facial biometrics.
  • Onboard on all devices. Prooface works on any device, desktop or mobile.
  • Transparency. Our solution is open for you to challenge. If you can spoof it, we’ll make sure to recognize your efforts.
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