Sumsub Identity Fraud Study (2021)

Over the past year, we've been examining how fraudsters act, what documents they forge, and how. After crunching the numbers, we compiled these statistics to help businesses avoid existing and emerging types of fraud.

Our research took place between 2020-2021 and is based on:

Tens of millions

of identity checks

6 500+

document types from 220+ countries and territories analyzed

Half a million

of fraud attempts detected each year

This study covers:

How much fraud is in your industry

How much fraud is in your industry

  • Detailed breakdown of fraud rates by industry
  • When fraud is most likely to occur
How fraudsters attempt to bypass verification

How fraudsters attempt to bypass verification

  • Is it difficult to detect a forgery?
  • The forgery process
  • Most forged IDs and utility bills
How to protect your business from fraud

How to protect your business from fraud

  • Seven ways to strengthen fraud defenses
  • Seven red flags to look out for
  • Fraud predictions for 2022

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