Release notes

August 2021


Video Identification – now with email/phone verification and custom questionnaires

  • Do you want video identification to be even more secure? Check the validity of customer contact info by adding their email and phone number to the verification level.
  • That’s not all. Request any additional information or files by adding a custom questionnaire to your video identification process.


Personal notes to AML matches

  • Do you need to make your compliance routine more efficient? Create and share notes on matches found during AML screening. You can check them at any time in the dashboard or applicant summary.


Introducing additional features for webhook settings

  • Choose if you want to resend a failed webhook or not.
  • Set up a sourceKey parameter, and the webhook will only trigger if the applicant’s sourceKey matches it.
  • Attach multiple events to a single endpoint.

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK Version 1.18

Custom themes for your app

  • Now you can set up your fonts, colors and styles just once, automatically applying them throughout the whole application.
  • Learn how to build your first theme for Android and iOS.

July 2021


A new permission system for your team members

  • Now you don’t need to set up permissions for each account; simply assign roles to all your team members with explicit names and exact permissions.
  • Our new permission system also lets you tailor Sumsub to your business. For instance, you can create custom roles (like “compliance team” or “technical support”) based on your specific company structure.
  • For your existing accounts, the roles will be assigned automatically—so you don’t have to change a thing. And if you add any new accounts, you can easily select a role or create a new one.


Live chat in the dashboard

  • Any customer can contact our Technical Support Team right from the dashboard for a live consultation.

Mobile SDK

The Sumsub mobile app is live

June 2021


Custom files for questionnaires

  • Now you can attach custom files to questionnaires, such as tax declarations or special agreements, directly through Sumsub’s SDK.


Improvements to the Sandbox Environment

  • The sandbox environment now displays a note confirming that no real checks are being performed to eliminate any possible confusion.


Change OCR constructor settings in bulk

  • Now you can adjust countries, document types, OCR fields, and MRZ modes all in a single click. This can be done by opening the preset window (see screenshot above) and clicking “manage document fields”. The default parameters can be reverted to at any time by clicking “reset to default settings”.


Redesigned moderation buttons

  • The redesigned buttons make our interface easier to navigate, even for first-time users.
  • What’s changed:
  • There’s an explanation of how buttons are color-coded
  • You can clearly see if a button is pressed or not
  • We’ve added tooltips for each button, giving you an instant look at important details
  • You can see how many buttons are pressed in each category


Photo Geolocation is available on the map

  • The ‘show map’ functionality lets moderators see where pictures were taken and uploaded.


Applicant cross-check comparison settings can now be adjusted

  • You can set how strictly applicants’ stated names are compared with what’s written on their uploaded documents.
  • Default – the most robust in most cases. Skips rank mismatches (Dr, Mr, etc.), expects possible abbreviations, but does not allow spelling errors.
  • Fuzzy – allows a certain amount of difference, you can control the threshold yourself.
  • Strict – requires exact match including middle names.

May 2021


Streamlined approach to branding

  • All paid branding features are now located in the ‘Branding’ tab of your profile settings. From there you can set up your own branding on WebSDK and email notifications, such as logos, texts, css and external links to your domain.

Google Play/TestFlight

Sumsub – KYC/AML and Identity Verification App

  • Sumsub applications for Android and iOs are now available for public testing. Feel free to try them out at for iOs and – for Android

April 2021

Mobile SDK

Skipping verification screens

  • We added functionality for simplifying verification flows, allowing certain screens to be skipped. This is another way to match the Sumsub interface to your website.

Mobile SDK

Document requirements tips

  • Short tips for users that help upload specific document types.

March 2021

Mobile SDK

Streamlined document and country selection

  • A drop-down menu where applicants can choose their document types and the issuing country.

Mobile SDK

Country and document type selector switch

  • Customers can disable selecting identity document types and countries of issue for certain verification levels.

Global settings

AML screening levels

  • Customers can adjust PEP levels and select the specific crimes applicants are screened for in accordance with their risk policies.


Email and phone number validation

  • The results of email and phone number verification are available for review.


Modular approach

  • Customers using the API integration can match Sumsub’s interface to their website design.

MobileSDK and WebSDK

Unified Customization

  • Customers can change the verification interface in mobile and web SDK and all plugins in the same way.


Account details section

  • An ‘account details’ section has been added where you can keep information about your business which is automatically used in the Data Processing Agreement.

February 2021

Operators panel

Authenticity warnings

  • To make things more convenient for operators, the system displays short notes highlighting issues related to photos with low digital trust scores.