Comply with identity verification regulations for your ICO or STO while enhancing the conversions


Tailored-made solution for ICO and STO

Accredited investor checks as well as general KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks
Automated user support provided instantly when problems arise or concerns surface
Comprehensive checks in external databases with a wide range of options (PEPs, sanctions, watchlists)
Professional expertise with ICOs, including legal and compliance support since 2015)

Trust your users easily with Sum&Substance

How long it takes for user to pass verification
Number of ICOs using our KYC
Number of national documents accepted for verification
Ranking for KYC service for ICOs throughout Asia and Europe
60 seconds
The fastest integration on the market (as little as 1 hour)
Compliance to KYC/AML requirements
Automated instant support for the end users, that rapidly increases conversion
Compliance to data protection laws (including GDPR, local Asian, Eastern European requirements and more)
Legal and technical support 24/7
Global Footprint (we support even difficult cases, such as documents on local languages)
AI-based ID verification helps to be compliant and onboard users easily
Sum&Substance: High Reliability
Sum&Substance: Flexible Settings
Sum&Substance: Full Veracity

Facial Check

The system checks in various databases if a document really exists, and catches IDs that have been fabricated, modified in graphic editors, or stolen.

Identity Check

We make sure that a user sends his own documents by matching the photo on a user's ID with a selfie.

Address Check

To prove the user's place of residence, we scan utility bills, bank statements, and other documents, and match them against external global databases.
Seamless Integration
Get started in just one hour
Control your risk with a ready-to-use interface
Increase conversions and attract more contributors

Powerful results from projects like yours

Schedule some time to talk with one of our experts and they will show you exactly how Sumsub can streamline the way you onboard users.
Learn how Sumsub can help your ID verification
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