Know Your Transactions

When nothing slips under the radar

Financial institutions are interested in getting detailed information about transactions performed by the customer, the counterparties involved, the purpose of transactions and transaction originations.

Live transaction analysis is a way to enrich customer profiles, predict clients’ future financial activity, spot suspicious behavior, deter fraud, and ensure AML compliance.

Fields of Application

Know Your Transactions
Know Your Transactions
Know Your Transactions


Sumsub is an automated KYT (Know-Your-Transactions) solution that captures and processes transaction data and allows the setting of custom alerts and triggering actions based on the results of the analysis.

How it works


Calculation of the client risk with the help of KYC data received at onboarding.


Monitoring of customer’s financial activities such as deposits, transfers, withdrawals, etc. Cryptocurrency transactions analysis.


Revelation of suspicious activities based on 100+ pre-built AML/CFT rule scenarios, 100 market conduct rules, and behavior pattern analysis.

Let’s do it the Sumsub way!

  • Economically: just 0,5-7% of cases require manual processing
  • Consistently: smart grouping of clients and their activities to create a scenario that fits all
  • Comprehensively: better coverage of customer transactions with fewer false positive alerts
  • Proactively: predictive modelling for improved visibility

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