Business Verification

Choose those who can be trusted

Modern companies need to be able to authenticate the actual ownership and connections of the entities they plan to engage with.

Business verification is a procedure that is similar to identity verification but is performed for legal entities and includes several more steps.

Fields of Application

Business Verification


Business Verification


Business Verification


Business Verification
Business Verification
AML/KYC Compliance
Business Verification


The Sumsub business verification solution allows companies at risk to automate their KYB workflows without changing their existing security routine or damaging the onboarding experience.

How it works


Customer input of the company identifiers: the name, legal form, and legal address.

Company verification

Retrieval of the company vitals (the certificate of incorporation/certificate of incumbency or a record of registration), structure, and other official documentation from the government registers.

UBO verification

Matching the information about the company’s beneficiaries (articles of association, and documents confirming the status of the beneficial owner) against various databases, sanctions lists, watchlists, and blacklists.

Let’s do it the Sumsub way!

  • Globally: official documents for all sized companies from 80+ countries
  • In full volume: retrieval of company vitals, UBO structure analysis, stakeholder identity verification for 250+ mln companies
  • Confidently: only official documents from 180+ government registers and public records
  • Transparently: detailed verification results instead of scores
  • Cost-effectively: automated solution to reduce manual labour and streamline onboarding