The Singaporean License for Payment Services: Is It Worth It?

Victor Dan
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The Singaporean License for Payment Services: Is It Worth It?

The latest of Singapore’s financial regulations came into effect at the beginning of the year. As time goes on, the core questions still remain relevant.

How much does the new license cost, and is it worth the money? What does Singapore demand from licensed companies and what are the AML requirements and risks? Finally, is it really a beneficial alternative to Estonia, UK or Switzerland?

‍ New licenses and rules mean new investments and risks, but also — opportunities. However, is it worth it? To answer this question, our Senior Legal Counsel, Victor Dan, will sit down with you on August 18th.

‍ Join our webinar to discuss:

– The current financial framework worldwide: the best licenses, recent changes, limitations, and trends
– The new payment license in Singapore: costs, requirements, benefits and other points to consider
– The secrets to success that support Singapore’s rise to prominence in the very competitive world that is fintech
– AML and KYC demands under MAS supervision
– What do banks and other partners think
– How to start the licensing process

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