Credit Card Fraud: Don’t Let Your Business Get Tricked

Arina Rumyanceva
44 min
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Credit Card Fraud: Don’t Let Your Business Get Tricked

The air is getting cooler, another Halloween is creeping up from around the corner, and you are still losing your money because of false chargebacks, social engineering attacks, and other digital fraud ploys. While fraudsters are performing their favourite tricks such as account takeovers, personal information theft, and impersonation, your users and your company are suffering financial losses, accompanied by reputational damages.  

This begs the question – how much do you know about the most common payment schemes? Are you sure that you are using the best fraud mitigation techniques to protect your organization from digital monsters? 

To keep you nice and safe this time of year and beyond, we’d like to provide insights on how to protect your company from the chilling prospects of card fraud. 

Join Indacoin’s Chief Business Development Officer, Guilherme Jovanovic, and Sumsub’s Legal Counsel, Arina Rumyanceva for the upcoming webinar. As the ones who confronted the problem of false chargebacks and successfully managed to fight it themselves, these experts will share their practical insights regarding an array of anomaly detection techniques, their logic, prerequisites, and the efficiency of various anti-fraud approaches. 

‍ We promise no tricks, so tune in to discuss:

– Why fraud has become the modern-day plague of the FinTech industry
– Fraudulent patterns to look out for: unusual transaction values, uncommon locations, and more
– Real life user cases that will help you apply the new concepts and easily get a handle on the internal mechanisms of anti-fraud 
– Fraud detection and prevention practices: pattern analysis, blocklist screening, etc.
 Other practical tips to help strengthen your defenses and alert your customers

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