Sumsub presents

The Global Compliance Resiliency Hub

An open community of experts, professionals, and innovators helping companies devise risk and compliance (R&C) strategies for a more resilient digital future.

Livestream via ZOOM
Tuesday — February 22 — 19:00-21:00
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The Global Compliance Resiliency Hub

Mastermind gathering with leading R&C professionals

We’re bringing together the most revolutionary minds to help tech companies prepare for emerging cyber and financial crime and adapt to changing risk & compliance regulations

Graham Barrow

Graham Barrow

Financial crimes expert and Director of The Dark Money Files

Soroush Kafiabadi

Soroush Kafiabadi

Senior Vice President at Kroll

Join the evening, it’ll be full of ground-breaking insights and disruptive ideas:

Join the live stream of the first in a series of Sumsub mastermind gatherings

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How can tech businesses maintain a robust risk management framework that adapts to disruption?

Join Graham Barrow and fearless compliance practitioners sharing valuable and business-critical insights to respond to upcoming regulation reform, deal with ever-increasing AML & financial crime threats, and encourage a culture of resilience across R&C teams in your company.

Main topic

“Exploring Companies House — how to identify the scams, the shams, the crooks, and the clones”


The Hub is run by Sumsub — a cyber-security company that helps businesses stay compliant with different regulations worldwide, steer clear of fraud and verify clients easily with holistic KYC/AML and anti-fraud solutions.

You don’t want to miss this series if you’re in tech and wondering how to:

  • Establish robust risk & compliance frameworks
  • Prepare for new regulations and upcoming reforms
  • Combat cyber threats, financial crimes, and money laundering
  • Encourage a culture of resiliency across R&C teams
You don’t want to miss this series if you’re in tech and wondering how to: