Cards on the Table: Verification of Funds and Wealth in Gambling

Tony Petrov
51 min
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Cards on the Table: Verification of Funds and Wealth in Gambling

The game has changed.

Responsible gaming, AML legislations and new ethics force companies to shelter their players from the negative consequences of online gambling.

But before you establish a new manual process within your team, you have to deal with the two ‘hows’. How can you ensure bulletproof compliance? How do you make sure that customers aren’t intimidated by the new compliance rules?

We know how! We’ll hold a live webinar to share experience on one of the most challenging parts of responsible gaming — verification of the source of funds.

Let’s get your source of funds checks off the ground — join us for a quick half hour to learn:

– What Source of Funds and Source of Wealth are, and the part that they play in onboarding, AML and safer gambling.
– How to avoid fines and lost licences by proving customers’ SOF and SOW.
– How the required level of income is confirmed by the documents and whether or not this is stable?
– How do the existing views on industry responsibility correlate with coming legislative changes?
– Case law and practical aspects. 

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