GroozGo Secures Freight Business by Using In-Depth KYB Checks to Reduce Cargo Theft and Сut Costs by 35%

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GroozGo matches and connects
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One load can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is why freight attracts scammers. It is therefore especially important to check contractors and drivers. Our story explains how the founders of GroozGo introduced automated checks to their system using Sumsub, and slashed the number of fraud-related incidents.

Operating in a fraud-ridden industry

GroozGo is a freight service that helps companies find drivers to transport all kinds of loads in Eastern Europe, a region infamous for the high risk of industry-related fraud. So, what are the risks? 

Losing a load to deceitful drivers or fake companies can lead to millions of dollars worth of losses. These losses are felt not only by the load owners, but also by carrier providers such as GroozGo, which undertake full responsibility for the damage.

  • drivers with fake passports, licenses or glued-in document photos;
  • recently acquired companies with no updated records of their fraud-ridden beneficiaries;
  • vehicles that have been involved in criminal activities.
When fraudsters outsmart companies, it’s impossible to not only find the cargo, but to also determine which area it was lost in.

Anna Kachurets

“As an online cargo transportation service with full responsibility for cargo safety and payment; we are aware of the risks that the industry carries. We aggregate orders directly from cargo owners and vehicles directly from vehicle owners. After that, we instantly calculate the cost of the transportation and automatically connect incoming orders with suitable carriers. Of course, there are lots of steps involved, where each individual and legal entity participating in the transportation process needs to undergo a bank-grade check.”


Anna Kachurets

CEO of GroozGo

At the same time, having thousands of carriers and cargo owners registered on the platform, GroozGo started to think about how they could make their service absolutely fraud-proof. The problem posed by the theft of goods still remained.

Finding the best way to
secure cargo access

Finding the best way to secure cargo access

The aim was to verify each party involved in the deal; anybody or anything
taking part had to be checked for shady connections, criminal involvement,
and suspicious history. For that, manual verification was simply not enough.
It was too expensive and time-consuming for the business to employ, educate, and have enough space for people to process over 1000 monthly applications.
GroozGo needed not only more accurate data, but a more thorough check, that would be able to verify all connections, business records and vehicles related to the company in question.
Limited by human capability, manual checks couldn’t reach all the relevant and crucial databases, which resulted in blind spots and loopholes that could be utilised by well-prepared fraudsters.
GroozGo needed not only more accurate data, but a more thorough check, that would be able to verify all connections, business records and vehicles related to the company in question.
The company needed a suitable, quick and dynamic process with a custom flow.
To protect cargo, the company needed to change their approach to safety
and use advanced technologies that could reduce unjustified costs, the risks of manual verification, while providing end-to-end document authentication.

Introducing automation

Anna and Oksana were reviewing their options for a long time when Anna spotted an article talking about Sumsub and decided to
give them a call.

However, what GroozGo needed was something more than just standard software, so, Sumsub’s remote identification ecosystem was customized to fully fit the needs of the freight industry, introducing new data sources to the existing framework.


How GroozGo verification

To check the driver, it is enough to upload photos of documents or enter a minimum data set. The result will be generated automatically in 10 minutes.
Together with Sumsub, GroozGo developed a strict verification routine that allowed the company to increase profits while avoiding lurking fraudsters.

Why Sumsub?

With the introduction of a cloud solution, GroozGo sped up the process of registering new counterparties, optimized shipping costs through automation, and gained access to an extensive database of blocklisted individuals.

“We carefully check the counterparties, as we are the ones responsible for the safety of our client’s cargo: we only register transport owners, not intermediaries; we verify legal entities as thoroughly as individuals (drivers), studying their tax history. To this day, logistics remains a grey and unregulated area open to fraudsters. Fraud is not something insurance companies cover, that is why we take additional measures to minimize the risks. Sumsub’s team helped us create an effective tool to keep our business running fraud-free.” — Anna Kachurets

Ability to scale on demand

All parties, drivers, trucks 
and company beneficiaries, undergo a thorough check against blocklists, relevant data sources, records of new beneficiaries and recently acquired companies, criminal connections, 
in addition to an entire history of the ownership 
of the vehicle or property.

30% percent of applicant rejection is directly related to the risk of vehicle theft. Therefore, the technology has saved GroozGo millions of dollars.

Data accuracy, relevance and wholesomeness

Hundreds of sources from official data providers are analyzed to collect the maximum amount of relevant information. The system is constantly being enriched, with a coverage of over 98% in Eastern Europe.

A Rocket-speed check, sealed with an SLA

To ensure the speed necessary for frictionless activity within the realm of cargo delivery, the verification time frame has been set at a maximum of 10 minutes, which is backed up by the service level agreement between Sumsub and GroozGo.
The cost of verification has been cut by 30%, as reported by the company’s CEOs — Anna and Oksana.


An adjustable product that addresses the needs of freight companies such as GroozGo, by tailoring reports, customizing the software interface, and updating new data sources in real-time.

Reports on everything and everybody involved

GroozGo chose an end-to-end report of each party involved, featuring every piece of relevant information: connections, records, history of business, and ownership.

Transparency for regulators

We take all necessary measures to ensure the technical protection of information (state-certified security equipment) for the safe processing and storage of our customer’s personal information.

Anna Kachurets

“It is safe to say that we do not think about checks at all—Sumsub took care of all of it. The online service speeds up the transportation process, removing unnecessary steps in the chain of operation, increasing the transparency of the process and increasing the profitability of transportation.”

Anna Kachurets

GroozGo keeps growing, and increased its service revenue by 137% during the first four months of 2019. It currently has approximately 14000+ carriers and 1000 freight owners. More than 2000 applications are processed monthly, and all of them are verified by Sumsub.

1000+ other businesses using Sumsub