New: Corporate Client Check

How well do you know your corporate client? Do they have something to hide? Not sure? Read on.
New: Corporate Client Check

There is often too much going on in corporations to see the whole picture. Get a snapshot of your corporate clients’ internal activity — review their vitals, perform AML screening, and verify beneficiaries with an update from Sumsub.

We are introducing a new feature to expose malevolent or risky to work with businesses assuming they have some skeletons in their closet. Don’t they all?

What is a corporate client check?

Corporate client check enables businesses to gather reliable data on the key players and beneficiaries of their corporate clients, exposing the bad guys behind corporations and their true motivation.

  • Automatically gather reliable data through a single gate customized solution

Get information on merchants’ vitals and hierarchy, verify the UBOs, directors, key controllers, beneficiaries and their connections, access dozens of international sanctions and watchlists;

  • Put the scoop into reports

60 seconds and you have got your report — tailored to your needs and in accordance with FATF guidelines used for AML/CFT reporting worldwide;

  • Powerful technology and efficient workflow, as usual

Maximize match rates with advanced metrics, get detailed user profiles and verification results, track corporate client transactions and store the decision history.

To protect your business and stay compliant with the regulatory requirements, it is better to verify all clients before they have stepped on your territory. Try this feature now by contacting our customer success team.

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