What’s Going on Here?

Hi! This is Sum&Substance blog
What's Going on Here?

We help companies to make it simpler for people to get started with online service, conduct correct KYC/AML-checks, taking into account the requirements of financial regulators, banks and institutions that control the processing of personal data.

Who we are

Sum&Substance offers an all-in-one platform, which allows our customers not to worry about verification at all. Because we care about everything: organize seamless and engaging onboarding by conducting quick checks based on a couple of photos. The checks meet the requirements of regulations in KYC, AML, CTF and requirements for processing personal data. We enable the scalability of the system. Our platform supports 150 + countries and automatically recognizes even local Asian languages — Korean, Japanese, Chinese.

We work with infrastructure organizations — rating agencies (ICObench), leaders in the field of data for compliance (Comply Advantage). We provide the opportunity to check users even easier — through a convenient messenger — Telegram, to prevent fraud and to establish the origin of cryptocurrency funds.


In addition, we are constantly developing technologies:

  • our own system for image mining, “antiphotoshop”;
  • OCR together with our partners Smart Engines;
  • biometrics systems together with a large-scale developer in this area, Synesis.

Why blog?

Nowadays there are over 40 people working for Sum&Substance — lawyers, developers, compliance officers, including representatives in London, Vienna, Seoul, Odessa, and St. Petersburg. We are always happy to employ qualified specialists.

In this blog, we share our experience — talk about new cases, changes in regulation and how to comply with them. Guides, checklists and explanatory articles will be created to help you fully understand the nuances of identification and how to to make it compliant. You will learn how to work with various jurisdictions, given that they differ from country to country; how to find a balance between data privacy requirements and the correct KYC/AML processes.

Every week specialists from different departments of our team will write a post based on the areas of their expertise and questions often asked by our customers and partners.

If you are interested in reading about something specific, please write to [email protected]

What else do you do?

— Knowledge base

For our clients and partners, we maintain a customer guide: we write clearly about the terms important to know, we talk about the nuances of regulations, processing of personal data, user-friendly and elaborate UX, the subtleties of anti-fraud.

— Telegram Passport

For those online businesses that try to make mandatory checks really convenient for their users, we offer Telegram Passport. Users will not have to go through the same online identification from service to service, they will only need to click on the button “Identification via Telegram Passport”

— Friends

We find friends everywhere. Just like in our business we are doing our best for partners, clients and old friends, we try to keep our little buddies happy at the office: two lovely chameleons, geckos and even cats!

— E-Newsletters

Once a week we send an informative email to our subscribers, where you can find interviews with people from the industry, the best materials from our blog or outstanding cases.

You can subscribe on the website — scroll down to the end of this page.

— Write articles

We regularly discuss current processes and approaches in our articles for Forbes, Inc, CNN, and other media.

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What's Going on Here?

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