Don't assume the risks

Most comprehensive real-time data to protect your safety and reputation. Ongoing monitoring of global sanctions and watchlists, politically exposed persons, and adverse media.

Top quality data

Proprietary global databases, comprehensive profiles, straightforward risk categorization
Sanctions and watchlists
Quick identification of persons associated with criminality or prohibited from certain industries and activities.
Cross-border compliance
Protection of business reputation
Manual workload reduced by 60%
Fuzzy matching capabilities
Fewer false-positive alerts
Real-time monitoring
Thousands of fitness and probity, global and national sanction lists: OFAC, HMT, UN, and many more
PEP profiles
Automated monitoring of unfavorable information in the media allows you to
Enhance your risk mitigation strategy
Observe FATF guidelines
Balance security and conversions
Rich profiles: connections, pictures, articles, etc.
Aggregated data: PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media
FATF-based PEP categorization for easy decision making
Daily risk status updates based on the global PEP database for 200+ countries
Adverse media
Automated monitoring of unfavorable information in the media
Get richer insights into your customers
Comply with global AML and CFT regulations
All major languages covered in 200+ countries and territories
Sources with links
10 000 criminal profiles revealed every day
Make better risk-assessment decisions
Countries and territories checked
Articles analyzed every day
Data sources monitored every hour
Profiles checked for updates daily
5 Mln
Used by Lufthansa, Japanese police, and Interpol

• AML and CTF
• CIP, KYC, and KYB
• PEPs
• Regulatory, enforcement, fitness, and probity watchlists
• Adverse media
• Ongoing monitoring

• All required global and local databases
• FATF-based methodology
• Dozens of hard to access proprietary databases

• Automated customer onboarding
• Expert knowledge enhanced with AI and machine learning
• Flexible screening and custom alerts
State-of-the-art technology
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